Xbox One February Update Is Now Live

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The Xbox One February update is now live!

Microsoft have launched the first major Xbox One system update since the release of 'The New Xbox Experience' in November, and while this update doesn’t feature an abundance of significant changes, it still includes some handy tweaks that users have been clamoring for.

To kick things off, Xbox One users can finally rearrange the pins on their Dashboard. Previously, pins were simply ordered by date, which led to some annoyance as users were unable to order their pins as they pleased. While pins could be moved using the Xbox SmartGlass app, Xbox users will now be able to move and order pins under their own personal preference.

Xbox have also added a Gamerscore Leaderboard. The leaderboard allows players to view the progress of their Gamerscore & Achievements and compare them against their friends.

Finally, the last big update this month is the addition of a “Use A Code” shortcut to the Store tab on the Xbox One. This is a really welcomed addition as code redemption used to be complete nightmare, due to the fact that it was buried deep inside the “Browse All Games” section of the Store.

There are also other minor improvements to the system, such as the ability to see who is in a party before you join it, the ability to hide games from the “Ready To Install” list and improvements to the Suggested Friends section of your Friends List.

The new Xbox One February update is currently available to download by entering System Updates in your Settings. Alternatively, your console may automatically update if you have the “Instant On” power setting enabled.

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