New Xbox PC app update headlined by HowLongToBeat integration

An image of HowLongToBeat stats on the Xbox PC app.

An image of HowLongToBeat stats on the Xbox PC app.

While sinking years of their lives into the likes of GTA Online, Skyrim or Elden Ring is the norm for many gamers, sometimes being strapped into a game for the long haul can be a little bit of a pain.

In cases like this, having a concrete idea of how long it’ll likely take you to reach the conclusion of your chosen title’s main story can be incredibly useful, a service which has long been provided by

Now, thanks to a new update, accessing the site’s estimates of game lengths is set to be easier than ever before for those who use the Xbox app on PC.

Do you think HowLongToBeat is a good addition to Xbox’s PC client?

As highlighted in an Xbox Wire post, the app’s new September update is headlined by HowLongToBeat’s addition to the interface, with a new partnership allowing the site’s estimates to appear on the pages dedicated to games.

The figures listed will include separate projections of how long the game will take to beat if you’re only interested in the main story, the critical path plus a bit of side content, and for those aiming for 100% completion.

Finally, a fourth number will give you an idea of how long you’ll be spending with the game should take to complete regardless of which playstyle you adopt, ensuring that you’re not misled by a number intended for hardened veterans of a specific genre or series.

As part of the change, you’ll also be able to submit your own times via the ‘view details’ tab and “find additional insights on how people play including community reviews, playthrough notes, and data breakdowns by platform and playstyle”, in addition to finding information on Game Pass titles via a new Xbox section of the HowLongToBeat website.

Aside from this, the update also delivers some minor performance updates, ensuring that “the app now launches up to 15% faster”, crashes less frequently and returns search results more rapidly.

Regardless of how long it used to take you to successfully complete loading up the Xbox PC app, make sure to follow us for more updates on Xbox games and hardware.

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