Xbox Game Pass Might Introduce A Family Plan Soon

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Xbox Game Pass remains a strong reason to be an Xbox owner and now, Microsoft's subscription service could add a Family Plan soon. Currently, Xbox Game Pass users have no way of sharing their subscription with family members or friends.

Reported by Windows Central, Microsoft will reportedly let five players share one subscription. Naturally, this cost more than your standard Xbox Game Pass subscription but splitting the cost could potentially bring pricing down individually.

Xbox Game Pass Might Introduce A Family Plan Soon

We've seen it before with the Nintendo Switch Online service, which includes a Family Plan for both its standard tier and Expansion Pack. While PlayStation Plus doesn’t have a Family Plan option, users using the same console with a PS Plus subscriber can go online and play games, though they can’t access exclusive PS Plus features.

It’s not yet clear when the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will be coming out, and we'll need to wait for an official announcement. Right now, here’s hoping Microsoft is working on that as an option. We'll keep you informed with further Xbox news as we hear it.

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