Witcher 3 mod that gives Vesemir, Lambert and Eskel concept art-inspired makeovers receives 2023 remaster

Eskel and Lambert in The Witcher 3.
Credit: Cnfilmm on Nexus Mods.

With many long-term lovers of The Witcher 3 deciding to return to the game in order to check out last month’s next-gen update, the streets of The Continent are bustling with more life than they’ve seen in a good while.

Those jumping back into the body of the white wolf on PC might have noticed that a lot of new mods based around the fresh content added by the update, such as its armours, medallions and ray-traced environments, have been popping up recently.

In addition, a lot of uber-popular mods that’ve been out for a little while are starting to receive fresh updates, with the latest being one which seeks to bring the appearances of Geralt’s fellow witchers in line with some of the game’s early trailers and concept art.

Think Vesemir, Eskel and Lambert’s appearances are in need of a bit of next-gen update?

The mod in question is called ‘Concept Witchers Redux’ and is the work of modder cnfilmm, whose previous work has overhauled the attire of a bunch of other prominent NPCs and turned Vernon Roche into a Redanian soldier.

This time, they’ve decided to release an updated version of their popular mod ‘Concept Witchers’, which takes Geralt’s wolf school brothers and cat witcher Gaetan, the latter of whom you encounter during the quest ‘Where The Cat And Wolf Play…’ and revamps their appearances to resemble some of the game’s early concept art and trailers.

While keeping some of the changes from the original, such as Lambert’s longer hairstyle, this new version of the mod adds in some 4k face textures and armour details, in addition to making Vesemir’s armour red instead of green.

With its fuller beards and desaturated colours, the mod is perfect for those who revel in the dark fantasy side of the game, providing you with some slightly more hardened-looking monster slayers to winter with.

Cnfilmm also recommends teaming their work with mods like Scoutbr0’s ‘Vesemir's Dagger Restored’ and BzDanilka’s ‘NPC Witcher School Swords’, in order to give the witchers some weapons that’ll match their new appearances.

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