Witcher 3 modder gives Geralt of Rivia the power to fart out potion toxins

An image of The Witcher 3's Geralt of Rivia farting.

An image of The Witcher 3's Geralt of Rivia farting.

Given that he’s a mutated monster slayer that spends an awful lot of time battling unpleasant creatures for very little money, The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia can come off as being a bit more gruff and serious than your average bloke.

At certain points in The Witcher 3, this is certainly the case, with some very weighty choices having to be made along the path to defeating the wild hunt.

However, there are a few moments of levity on offer to the white wolf, such as dealing with a village inhabited only by pigs and or tracking down a statue’s genitalia. Now, though, a new mod has taken the medieval giggles to a different level.

Have you ever longed for a quick way to reduce Geralt’s toxicity level?

The mod in question is simply called ‘Farting Geralt’ and is the work of modder thepowerlies, whose previous work has helped Geralt carry more stuff and ensured that he’s not spending as much of his hard-earned money on weapon and armour repairs.

This time, they’ve done something that might prove equally useful, but is also rather hilarious or childish depending on your disposition.

Remember the toxicity gauge that gradually increases as Geralt gulps down potions like swallow, cat and thunderbolt? Well, this mod gives you a new way to get rid of your toxicity build-up without having to waste any of your precious white honey potions.

It does so by giving Geralt the power to fart on command, via a simple press of the C key on your keyboard (the option to re-map this is available).

So, no matter whether you’re in the heat of battle, attempting to recover from a particularly tough fight or simply trying to clear out the Kingfisher Inn so that you can grab a table more easily, flatulence is now only a single button press away.

If the latter is your goal, then you might be best off waiting a little bit as, in the comments section on the mod, thepowerlies seems to suggest that they might add the ability for NPCs to react to the farts in different ways depending upon their tags at some point in the future.

Regardless of whether you’re amused, mortified or disgusted by this new addition to Geralt’s skillset, make sure to follow us for more coverage of some equally interesting and wacky Elden Ring and Skyrim mods.

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