Warzone bug revives entire lobby for victory scene

Image showing Warzone player firing Akimbo pistols
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player firing Akimbo pistols
Credit: Activision

Although Raven Software applies regular updates to Warzone, numerous bugs and glitches continue to ruin the battle royale for players dropping into the final season of the Pacific era.

Issues ranging from unplayable lag to vehicles sinking through the ground are causing chaos on Caldera and as soon as one problem is fixed, another one makes an untimely appearance. On this particular occasion, the bug occurs once the game has come to an end.

Instead of impacting players battling to make an appearance in the victory cutscene, the bug revives the entire lobby and places them in the scene alongside the eventual victors.

Warzone lobby respawns when game ends

While it doesn’t break the game in the same way as the sinking vehicles, the bug is certainly unusual. Reddit user “HalflingElf” showcased the cutscene with a huge number of opponents spawning next to an anti-aircraft turret.

Winning a Warzone match is far from easy so for some players, the bug may have been the first time they’ve managed to enter the winner’s circle. One comment claims those that respawn into the scene can still eliminate players.

“They started shooting, and all of a sudden I go the donk sound and the Nvidia Highlights popped up with Warzone Death Saved.” Dying during the final cutscene is rather strange and although it doesn’t impact the end result, the bug is still capable of hindering the game’s performance.

A group of players gatecrashing the final victory scene isn’t the worst bug to impact the Warzone community. With the Season 5 Reloaded update not far away, there’s a high chance Raven Software will address the issue alongside adding the final dose of content before the focus switches to the launch of Warzone 2 later in the year.

Warzone 2 will act as a clean slate for Call of Duty’s battle royale experience, meaning there’s a possibility of fewer bugs negatively impacting matches. Let’s hope Raven Software and Infinity Ward can raise the bar even further.

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