Warzone pro pops off wearing ghillie suit

Image showing Warzone player wearing ghillie suit and Ghost from Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player wearing ghillie suit and Ghost from Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision

Winning a Warzone match is no easy feat. With over 100 players battling it out to become the last one standing, those dropping into the battle royale need to master everything ranging from gun skill to movement in order to gain the upper hand during a match.

Since its launch, players have used everything including a dance mat to earn a trip to the winner’s circle. While some use a unique controller to play, others prefer playing in an outfit to increase the immersion even further.

One pro Warzone player attempting to score wins with every single weapon in the arsenal dropped into the action wearing a ghillie suit while working through the best Warzone sniper rifles.

All ghillied up on stream

Ethan “Fifakill” Pink is regarded as one of the very best Warzone players on the planet and with attention turning to Warzone 2, he set himself a challenge that involves scoring a win with all available guns and weapons. During a recent stream, he crawled through his garden towards his PC before jumping into the action.

Armed with a Kar98k, Fifakill finds himself in the final four and with the circle closing in, he picks off the remaining players from a clifftop with ease. After conquering the sniper rifles, he’s turning his attention to melee weapons, managing to score the 100th victory with a combat knife.

While many fans continue to show their amazement at his skill, some claim the feat doesn’t count as he’s using a controller. “He’s on a controller doesn’t count,” says a sceptical onlooker.

With 64 weapons to go, time is ticking for Fifakill to finish the challenge before Warzone 2 launches on November 16. It just goes to show that you can win a Warzone match using any weapon in the arsenal, even if it doesn’t feature in the ever-changing meta.

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