Warzone players claim the game is in its worst ever state

Image showing Warzone helicopter and Ghost holding gun
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone helicopter and Ghost holding gun
Credit: Activision

Throughout the short lifespan of Warzone, players have experienced a variety of game-breaking bugs and glitches. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, issues negatively impacting players continue to emerge.

With Season 4 coming to an end and as the focus switches to the launch of Season 5, the community continues to drop into the action even with the game containing several problems.

While many players continue to master the best Warzone guns, one player claims the current state of the battle royale “is in the worst state it’s ever been in,” citing numerous reasons why Warzone has taken a downward turn in recent months.

The state of Warzone isn’t looking good, according to players

Players often share their grievances with various aspects of Warzone but few go as far as to say that the state of the entire game isn’t living up to expectations. Reddit user “disagreet0disaggree” claims “the horrible gulag” and “the horrible long range meta” are ruining the battle royale.

In addition to the meta and the gulag, the player adds “aim assist is so broken that every close-up gunfight devolves into a bunny hopping contest” implying the mechanics of the game are also to blame.

The comments suggest there are a number of players that think the state of Warzone isn’t where it should be. One commenter says the game is “in its worst state since 2 years,” claiming that the game was more enjoyable when it first launched in March 2020.

Raven Software often listens to player feedback and with several players sharing their frustrations as the Pacific era comes to a close, the chances of widespread changes making their way into Warzone 2 are extremely high.

Considering there’s one more season on Caldera, another dose of weapon balancing has a chance to improve the meta. However, the bunny hopping competitions will continue as players attempt to gain every possible advantage.

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