Warzone player discovers hidden high-value loot zone

Image showing Warzone Power Plant POI and white building
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone Power Plant POI and white building
Credit: Activision

Obtaining high-tier loot in Warzone can swing the momentum of a match in your favour. With items ranging from powerful weapon blueprints to game-changing killstreaks, it’s always worth visiting a high-value loot zone during a Caldera match.

As attention begins to switch to the launch of Season 5 and the end of the Pacific era, players are still uncovering new secrets that can give them the upper hand over the opposition.

Most matches feature four high-value loot zones but three appear on the map. Thankfully, one player has managed to uncover the location of the fourth zone that never shows up on Caldera’s map.

The fourth high-value loot zone

When exploring the Power Plant point of interest (POI), Reddit user “LebSonny” reveals where players can get their hands on plenty of high-tier loot without having to visit one of the visible high-value loot zones.

“If you only see three HVLZs on the map, Power Plant will be one of them too,” says the user.

It’s unclear why Power Plant doesn’t appear on the map as a high-value loot zone, so this discovery has the potential to shake up the best places to land in the final season. Other players also believe this particular POI is a great place to begin a Warzone match. One commenter describes Power Plant as a “pretty underrated drop spot.”

The addition of high-value loot zones gives players a better opportunity to obtain loot capable of making an impact in the early stages of a game. These areas of Caldera also contain huge stacks of cash which enable players to purchase a loadout drop as quickly as possible.

With this latest discovery, Power Plant has the chance to become one of the most popular Caldera landing spots, which could change the flow of the early game. If you intend on landing here, be prepared for some stiff competition.

Before you head to Caldera’s Power Plant, be sure to check out our guide showcasing the best Warzone guns to use.

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