Young Warzone player breaks tooth during a match

Image showing child with missing teeth and Warzone Operator with large eyes
Credit: Activision

Image showing child with missing teeth and Warzone Operator with large eyes
Credit: Activision

More often than not, you’ll find Warzone players under the age of 18 dropping into matches and attempting to score wins. Despite the 18+ PEGI rating, the younger members of the community often give others a run for their money.

As attention turns towards the launch of Season 5, players are hoping the Pacific era of the battle royale can go out with a bang before Warzone 2 takes its place later in the year.

Injuries are a rarity during a typical Warzone match. However, it’s not stopped a nine-year-old player from losing a tooth during the heat of battle.

Warzone causes player to break tooth

The incident caught the attention of the community when Reddit user “Appropriate_Try_9946” shared a text message revealing their nephew had managed to break a tooth because they “accidentally” chewed on their microphone.

The post received a mixed response from the community, with many asking why the youngster was allowed to drop into Warzone in the first place. “Why is a 9-year-old playing Warzone?” questions one player.

Others wonder how the child managed to break a tooth by biting onto the mic. User “Hillarys_Recycle_Bin” suggests the player “rage bit” their headset resulting in a damaged tooth.

Appropriate Try says they’ll try to get the tooth repaired, suggesting an entire replacement is needed to fix the damage. Although the damage is done, the user says playing Warzone has “helped to reconnect with some old friends” which is always a positive.

Losing a tooth is one of the more unusual injuries a Warzone player has encountered. Many players are guilty of slamming their fists onto their desk in a fit of rage while others throw their controllers across the room if matches don’t go their way.

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