Warzone player discovers perfect counter to riot shields

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Image showing Warzone player using riot shield and Ghost with thumbs up
Credit: Activision

Encountering a Warzone player using a riot shield can prove problematic during a match. Thanks to the shield’s ability to block most incoming bullets, it takes some creative thinking in order to gain the upper hand.

With the Pacific era of the battle royale coming to a close, players are dropping into the action using all kinds of weapon combinations in a bid to become the last one standing. The riot shield never features in the meta but is perfect for those wanting some additional protection.

In a recent Rebirth Island match, one player demonstrates the perfect riot shield counter using everything from an SUV to multiple grenades.

The best Warzone riot shield counter

After outlasting the rest of the lobby, Reddit user “BrunoJohn117” and one other player were battling in the final circle. After spotting the riot shield and firing some warning shots, the player attempted to take them out using an SUV as a battering ram.

As the circle shrinks, the abandoned SUV acts as the perfect cover for the player laying down more shots at the feet of the riot shield user. The opponent switches to their gun in a bid to score the win but thanks to some impeccable timing, BrunoJohn downs the player and performs a brutal finishing move to cement their place in the winner’s circle.

Delighted members of the community shared their appreciation of the play. “Nice use of the car to dodge the stun. 1000 IQ,” comments one fan. The appearance of a vehicle in the final circle is a rarity, pointed out by another user. “What are the chances of finding a car in the final circle?” BrunoJohn says the car park is where the SUV spawns in Rebirth Island but the compact design of the map means players prefer moving around on foot.

With attention turning to the launch of Warzone 2, ingenious ways to counter riot shields will continue to appear after Activision confirmed the shield will feature in Call of Duty’s next battle royale experience.

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