Warzone player discovers new exploit at Peak

Image showing Warzone player holding gun
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player holding gun
Credit: Activision

Season 5 of Warzone Pacific isn’t off to the smoothest start. Although Raven Software regularly updates the battle royale to address numerous bugs and glitches, players dropping onto Caldera continue to uncover new exploits much to their annoyance.

The current season of post-launch content is the final one before the launch of Warzone 2 which will act as a fresh start for the game, hopefully meaning fewer issues arise over the course of a match.

In this case, one player has managed to climb inside the Peak point of interest (POI) allowing them to see the surrounding area while the surrounding rock formations keep them hidden from any opposition.

Warzone players can climb inside rocks

The discovery comes from Reddit user “Mohawk200x” whose match came to an early end after attempting to search for any nearby threats within Peak. After collecting some additional loot, the player makes their way over to the main entrance before falling to a barrage of bullets from beyond a wall.

With no way of managing to challenge the opponent, they end up eliminated from the game, blaming the “new exploit.”

It’s unclear how the opponent managed to climb into an unintended area of the map, especially with Raven Software clamping down on map exploits with every update. However, it’s clear to see the developer hasn’t tackled all of them yet.

Other players seem more concerned with the wide field of view displayed within the video, with one joking that it’s set to “4300.” Mohawk later reveals that they play on an ultra-wide monitor which is one way of seeing the surrounding area with ease.

As attention turns towards the start of Season 5 Reloaded, there’s every chance the bug allowing players to climb inside the walls of Peak will receive a fix. In the meantime, be careful when standing in open areas with minimal cover.

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