Warzone Floof Fury artist accuses Activision of stealing design

Image showing Warzone Floof Fury Operator Skin
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone Floof Fury Operator Skin
Credit: Activision

New Operator skins appear in Warzone on what feels like a daily basis. With the battle royale containing a variety of characters in addition to crossovers with numerous TV and movie franchises, there are plenty of outfits to personalise your favourite Operator.

Following the launch of Season 4 Reloaded and a leak revealing a crossover with the Umbrella Academy, many players quickly noticed a skin resembling a white wolf within Warzone’s official promotion material leading some to wonder if it’s a new skin.

It turns out that the Warzone Floof Fury skin is on its way and as players wait for the next Warzone double XP event to take place, an artist claims Activision has stolen the wolf design.

Activision allegedly steals Warzone wolf skin design

According to concept artist “Saillin,” the Warzone publisher has nabbed their design that first appeared in 2020. The artist points out the range of similarities between their design and the Operator skin expected to launch before Season 5 begins in late August.

There are apparent similarities between the two designs. Both feature a scarf wrapped around the neck of the wolf alongside an elbow pad on the skin’s left arm. According to @JonahGutierrez7, this isn’t the first time Activision has used other artists' designs to turn a profit.

On the other hand, it appears Activision has already seen the error of its ways. The promotional image for the mid-season update has switched from the Floof Fury skin to a zombie highlighting the Rebirth of the Dead LTM arriving soon.

It’s unclear if Activision has contacted the artist on the matter but they'll want to sort the issue out sharpish and try to avoid this happening again.

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