Warzone fan demands the return of classic LTMs

Image showing Warzone players dropping and Ghost from Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players dropping and Ghost from Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision

Limited-time modes (LTM) in Warzone provide players with a fun alternative to the standard dose of battle royale action. Ranging from the faster pace of Plunder to a more competitive offering in the form of Titanium Trials Endurance, LTMs mean there’s something for everyone.

With the launch of Season 5 on the horizon, the focus is slowly turning toward the launch of Warzone 2. However, there’s still one more season of the Pacific era remaining and many are hoping Raven Software can end it on a high note.

In a bid to spice up the offering, one player suggests the developer should bring back popular LTMs that often disappear in favour of other modes.

Warzone player wants more LTMs

Ahead of the next chapter of Warzone launching, Reddit user “spiders-on-mars” asks Raven Software to bring back a range of modes. Some modes highlight underrated weapon categories while others give players an objective to complete instead of becoming the last one standing at the end of a match. “Can you please bring back these modes just once before Warzone 2 drops?” asks the user.

The user mentions Payload, King Slayer Trios, Mini Royale, and Shottys and Snipers alongside plenty of reasons why they should appear on Caldera and Fortune’s Keep. Many commenters agree, with one claiming “King Slayer Trios is the best” while another says they’re “a big fan of Mini Royale” thanks to its fast pace.

In addition to old LTMs making a return, players are also asking for a mode focused on Modern Warfare weaponry ahead of Modern Warfare 2’s release as a compromise to the return of Verdansk.

Raven Software often listens to player feedback, so there’s always a possibility of popular LTMs making one final appearance before Warzone 2 takes the helm later this year. Mini Royale on Fortune’s Keep sounds like plenty of fun.

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