Warzone bug allowed player to respawn during victory cutscene

Warzone Ghost Operator dropping into match with red smoke trail coming off leg
Credit: Activision

Warzone Ghost Operator dropping into match with red smoke trail coming off leg
Credit: Activision

A previously undiscovered Warzone bug allowed players to respawn into a match during the victory cutscene of another team.

Warzone is no stranger to numerous bugs and glitches impacting various aspects of the battle royale and thanks to Raven Software, issues with Call of Duty's battle royale are few and far between as Season 6 Reloaded continues to progress.

With all eyes on the release of the Urzikstan map and the Modern Warfare 3 arsenal integrating into the game, one fan has taken a trip down memory lane. After sifting through their archive, they've uncovered a bug that allowed players to redeploy into the game while another team was climbing aboard the victory helicopter.

Discovered by Reddit user tiktokalnuke, a clip from the Verdansk '84 era shows the player parachuting into the final circle while the chopper is collecting the winning team.

The mode where the bug originated is Power Grab, a limited-time mode where players could return to action by collecting a specific number of dog tags or if a teammate has the funds to spend at a buy station. Judging by the comments, loading into the post-game cutscene wasn't the only issue. One player says: "Power Grab used to have a handful of bugs. I remember there being a bug where you could carry three weapons."

Since the second iteration of Warzone launched, Power Grab hasn't made a return, which is good news for those of us who may not want to encounter any game-breaking bugs for a second time.

Although you can't load into the action once a match has finished any more, an invisible skin is still causing chaos in Al Mazrah, Vondel, and Ashika Island as The Haunting event continues to progress.

Most Warzone bugs are uncovered and uploaded across the worldwide web in a matter of minutes, so it's interesting to see the discovery of this particular bug long after the Verdansk '84 map has disappeared. We expect there to be plenty more unreported issues waiting to be unearthed from the archives, acting as a reminder that the game has come a long way from its early seasons.

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