Warzone fans outraged by removal of duos for no reason

Warzone duos holding and firing guns with fire in background
Credit: Activision

Warzone duos holding and firing guns with fire in background
Credit: Activision

Warzone fans aren't pleased after a recent playlist update saw the removal of the popular duos mode. The change is part of a running trend of Warzone changes removing key modes from playlists.

Raven Software is no stranger to applying regular Warzone playlist updates to inject a breath of fresh air during The Haunting event. The last playlist update saw the return of Zombie Royale much to the delight of those after an alternative to standard battle royale modes.

Rather than keeping the standard playlists as permanent fixtures, a recent playlist update has resulted in duos disappearing altogether. While new game modes are often exciting additions, the lack of options for a pair of players hasn't gone down well.

Spotted by Reddit user sccprisoner, Resurgence duos has received the boot leaving limited choices for two players to enjoy.

Judging by the reaction of other players, there's plenty of outrage doing the rounds. When asked why the developer chooses to remove duos, one player replies: "Because they're f**king stupid. Me and my buddy have been forced to play trios and we squad fill. Guess what? We either don't have a teammate or we get one and they leave as soon as they die."

Others without a higher squad size are in the same boat. Another adds: "We've got the same issue. I wish they would just leave the core game alone."

Instead of leaving solos, duos, trios, and quads in the rotation, one of the four is often swapped out in favour of a limited-time mode that sometimes isn't as popular as the mode it replaced. Why not keep the core four modes in to stop any player frustration?

There are no signs of Resurgence duos making a return anytime soon so players will have to wait until the next weekly playlist update to see if the mode rejoins the rotation once again. The removal of popular playlists always causes some form of outrage and with the start of the Modern Warfare 3 cycle fast approaching, it's time for Raven Software to leave the core modes alone and rotate limited-time playlists for the burst of freshness it's after.

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