Warzone players question why cheaters have their own lobbies

Image showing Warzone players walking on beach
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players walking on beach
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Pacific era of Warzone, Activision and Raven Software have battled against cheaters from ruining the battle royale for everyone.

Despite the best efforts of the publisher and developer, players using hacks to gain an unfair advantage continue to slip through the net.

Although attention is turning toward the launch of Warzone 2, players are still dropping onto Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, and Rebirth Island. While Ricochet anti-cheat manages to catch the majority of cheaters, some end up in lobbies with other hackers to get a taste of their own medicine.

Cheaters versus cheaters

Before Warzone decides if a hacker is using anything to gain the upper hand, the player in question receives a shadow ban which prevents them from joining matches with players not using cheats.

Rather than banning them immediately, they end up in lobbies with other cheaters. “Why does this game have lobbies for cheaters?” questions Reddit user “-getdeadkid" in a now-removed post.

Image showing Warzone players fighting
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Credit: Activision

“Recently played with someone who was shadow-banned for boosting kills,” says the user. “Why do these lobbies even exist?” One comment believes the cheater lobbies are a preventative measure in a bid to stop them from creating a new account and continue cheating. “If you ban a cheater, he will make a new account. If you let him play with other cheaters he will taste his own medicine.”

Ultimately, if they’re found guilty of cheating, Ricochet will inevitably ban their accounts preventing them from causing further chaos during matches. Although there’s no official reason why cheater lobbies exist in Warzone, it’s good to see there are unique methods to annoy any hackers before the ban hammer swings once and for all.

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