Warzone players claim "blatant" hackers are ruining matches

Image showing Warzone player using hacks and angry Warzone player
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player using hacks and angry Warzone player
Credit: Activision

The battle between Activision and Warzone hackers continues to rumble on. Despite the addition of Ricochet anti-cheat at the start of the Pacific era, legitimate players dropping into the battle royale continue to encounter cheaters.

With attention turning to the launch of Season 5, the sudden increase in the number of cheaters ruining matches is a concern as players attempt to qualify for the World Series of Warzone.

Although the team behind Ricochet regularly apply updates to stop cheaters from slipping through the net, one player thinks “blatant” hackers are appearing in more matches than ever before.

"Blatant" cheaters in every Warzone game

Having dropped into several matches in recent weeks, Reddit user “Puzzleheaded_Ad3627,” says hackers are now appearing in every single game mode rather than focusing their efforts on the island of Caldera.

In a now-deleted post, the player claims “anti-cheat and this entire game engine is a complete joke,” claims the player who witness a suspect hacker dropping 30 kills during a solo Fortune’s Keep match.

Other players agree with the player’s statement. One commenter explains how they encountered a player that didn’t take any kind of damage in a close-quarters gunfight. “I got super close to him and bullets just passed through him.” Another fan dropping into Titanium Trials also found trouble. “Just had a full-on rage cheater. Ricochet certainly was not catching him.”

Ricochet has the power to turn cheaters invisible in addition to disarming them in order to stop them from dealing damage. However, those using hacks to see through walls are still causing chaos.

Since the arrival of Ricochet, the number of cheaters has dropped significantly but with plenty slipping past the measures, it’s hugely frustrating for those wanting a cheat-free experience. With Warzone 2 launching later in the year, many are hoping the anti-cheat can stop hackers from ruining another Call of Duty battle royale.

Considering there’s another season of the Pacific era remaining, let’s hope Activision and Raven Software can clamp down on hackers once again. For more, be sure to check out our guide showcasing the best Warzone sniper rifle to use.

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