Warzone 2 players blast overpowered melee damage

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 player punching opponent and Warzone 2 player holding a pistol with a knife underneath in the other hand
Credit: Activision

When it comes to finding overpowered tactics to make an impact in Warzone 2, a lot of the focus involves the ever-expanding arsenal of weaponry. Throughout Season 3 Reloaded, the meta has changed but there’s one overpowered weapon everyone has access to.

With all eyes on Season 4, the infamous gas mask glitch is causing chaos once again while others are on the hunt for more information surrounding the leaked Vondel map.

The latest topic of debate among those dropping into the action involves melee damage. Several members of the community believe punches are extremely overpowered in close-quarters combat, and it’s no surprise to see why.

Warzone 2 melee is ruining close-range fights

During a recent match, Reddit user G01dberG fell victim to the incredible melee damage after being eliminated by a swift one-two punch.

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Despite downing the opponent, the player is unable to finish the job thanks to a well-timed Self Revive, followed by a couple of punches Mike Tyson would be proud of.

Thankfully, some eagle-eyed players may have found the cause of the overpowered melee. “Could it be a breacher attachment providing more melee power?” questions one fan. “Likely,” replies another who also suggests how G01dberG could’ve avoided death. “Shooting from the doorway would have worked out better than putting a plate on.”

Even without attachments that improve melee damage equipped, punches are still outperforming some weapons in close-range scenarios.

Considering players are often plated up with armour and a full bar of health, a couple of punches shouldn’t be enough to send anyone to the gulag unless the health bar is running low. For now, it’s worth being aware of the immense power of melee dominating Season 3 Reloaded. There’s a high chance of it receiving a nerf in Season 4, so consider utilising the fists of fury instead of some bullets.

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