NFT Platform Under Fire for Illegally Selling Gaming Soundtracks

An NFT platform, HitPiece, has been fiercely criticised by multiple video game composers, who've seen their music sold as NFTs. With no contract or permissions in place, several prominent figures were quick to call them out.

One callout came from Grant Kirkhope, best known for working on Donkey Kong 64, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He tweeted:

You f***ers! How can you sell things you don’t own without having the permission of the artist or copyright holder who made it?

NFT Platform Under Fire for Illegally Selling Gaming Soundtracks

Other composers joined the chorus, including fellow Donkey Kong composer David Wise, who called upon the community "to spread the message far and wide that Joinhitpiece are attempting to sell digital assets they simply can not legally own." Halo and Ori's Gareth Coker weighed in too, calling HitPiece "garbage."

HitPiece responded with a fresh statement, mentioning that "artists get paid when digital goods are sold" on the platform. Trying to assure people they will "listen to all user feedback," that led to a renewed wave of criticism over this plagiarism.

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