Vicarious Visions May Lose Its Name After Merger With Blizzard

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As part of its ongoing merger with Blizzard Entertainment, developer Vicarious Visions may soon lose its name as part of the rebranding with the World of Warcraft creator.

Polygon reports that some of the Vicarious Visions' employees were told that, despite beliefs to the contrary, they won't be retaining their company name and could be called just Blizzard Albany. It's not sitting well with some employees either. One of Polygon's sources said:

“For all of the leadership’s talk about being more transparent in response to the lawsuit and resulting fiasco, the fact they decided to blindside us all with this feels about as far from transparent as you can get,”

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Vicarious Visions Will Lose It Name After Merger With Blizzard, Says Employees

Vicarious Visions was known for spearheading games for franchises such as Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, Skylanders, and recently for Diablo 2: Resurrected. They were first under Activision before being transferred to Blizzard.

Meanwhile, Activision's CEO, Bobby Kotick, recently announced measures the company is taking to address complaints made in some of the many lawsuits faced this year and said he'll be taking a salary cut - though he won't be giving up the $100 million bonus he received a few months ago.