Valorant: Omen Able To Teleport Past Spawn Barriers In Massive Exploit!

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Bugs and exploits are apart of any game, there is no way around them it seems.

However, some are bigger than others and this new one in Valorant is massive.


Omen, a popular agent within the game, is the subject of this bug and its forced him to be disabled from the game.


If you play Valorant you are well aware of the Agent Omen. What makes Omen unique is that he is able to teleport to locations within his characters range.

However, this ability has created a massive exploit on the maps; more notably during the pre-round portion.


Riot has set up barriers on the map so you cannot go into the opponent's side of the map before the round actually begins.

Well, this exploit has allowed Omen to bypass these barriers and go wherever they please.

Check it out in the clip below which was posted by ValorantUpdates.

A new Omen exploit on Bind lets him break through the #VALORANT spawn walls before the round begins ? @DylbobzYT)
— Valorant News (@ValorantUpdates)
September 2, 2020



Omen Disabled

One would expect Omen to be disabled after Riot found this bug.

The official Twitter account posted the following update: 

"What we thought was a map bug for Omen teleporting past the spawn barriers... is actually an issue with Omen, so we're disabling him until we have a _real_ fix. Which is hopefully tomorrow. Sorry for all of the disruptions."