Ubisoft Reveals Changes Following Last Year's Misconduct Allegations

Following multiple allegations of misconduct and harassment last year, Ubisoft has revealed the actions taken to improve working conditions at the publisher.

The company had previously assured staff that it would put new procedures in place, with CEO Yves Guillemot noting that "not all team members were experiencing the safe and inclusive workplace" in a new blog post.

Ubisoft Reveals Changes Following Last Year's Misconduct Allegations

The publisher embarked on what it described as "a company-wide effort to listen, learn and build a roadmap for a better Ubisoft for all", including a new reporting platform "that guarantees anonymity".

Over 14,000 employees took part in a series of assessments, with "training, disciplinary sanctions, and dismissals" following.

"As a result, we strengthened our non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We also have created new HR processes and fully updated our internal Code of Fair Conduct."
"The Code is clearer, more comprehensive, and more actionable. It will be mandatory for all team members to sign when it is published in June. Our teams worldwide have already participated in the initial anti-harassment training sessions."
"We are also deploying additional mandatory training modules specifically on the topics of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination."
"We have recently implemented a new performance criterion to our compensation scheme with specific expectations for managers. This new attribute will focus on our ability to care for people, behave inclusively, and foster a safe and respectful work environment."

Guillemot's post also highlighted the importance of new hires at the executive level, with a new Chief People Officer, a new independent board member, a Head of Workplace culture and more.

"Management -- myself included -- have a responsibility to act as role models and be exemplary for our teams" the post reads.

"I want to stress my personal commitment to continue to improve our workplace culture and create real, lasting and positive change at Ubisoft."

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