Twitch Prime Has Been Rebranded To Prime Gaming

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Twitch Prime, Amazon's premium tier of the streaming service, is being rebranded to Prime Gaming.

This aligns it closer with the company's other "Prime Benefits", like Prime Reading and Prime Video, but other than that, there's little that's changed.

Twitch Prime Has Been Rebranded


Prime Gaming GM Larry Plotnick explained:

“Prime members already get the best of TV, movies, and music, and now we’re expanding our entertainment offerings to include the best of gaming."

“We’re giving customers new content that makes playing their favourite games on every platform even better. So no matter what kind of games you love, and no matter where you play them, they’ll be even better with Prime Gaming.”

The service is an added bonus for Amazon customers, offered alongside the likes of one-day delivery and the aforementioned video and reading content and more.

Members of Prime Gaming can redeem free content drops for the likes of League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Rainbow Six: Siege and more.

There are also free PC games available. Check out the full lineup here.