Top 5 Tips For Trials of Osiris

When I heard Bungie planned to try and re-ignite PvP in Destiny’s new expansion, House of Wolves, I was a little sceptical. I didn’t believe they could convince me to play PvP again. How wrong was I…  

On Friday evening I started playing the Trials of Osiris and, apart from a little bit of sleep here and there, I didn’t stop playing until Tuesday morning. It’s frustrating, gruelling, and infuriating but when you get it right it’s incredibly satisfying and - most importantly - fun.

In ToO, in order to fulfil your desires of satisfaction, there are several obstacles standing in your way. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate if I shared my Top 5 tips to hopefully aid you in your quests for a flawless Trials of Osiris run.  

1. Thorn

The Thorn Hand Cannon is by far the best weapon in Trials of Osiris. If you don’t have a Thorn, in my personal opinion, you are immediately at a disadvantage.

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Why is the Thorn so good?

If you’ve managed to fully upgrade your Thorn and ascend it to 365 attack, it will already issue a significant amount of damage. But it's the Thorn’s range and “Mark of the Devourer” ability (which causes long lasting damage) that will provide you with a noteworthy advantage over other Guardians using different weapons.

As long as you have good aim, you will win or at the very least tie every one-on-one shootout.

2. Buffs

If this is your first trip into the Trials of Osiris and you haven’t played PvP in a while: do not purchase any buffs.


Because you will be too inexperienced and untrained to put them to any use. You will simply waste your valuable Passage Coins.

Once you’ve blown off the cobwebs and found your form again; head to the Reef and, if you can, purchase all the buffs. If you can’t afford them, it’s up to you to make the personal decision on which one/s you should purchase.

Personally I’d always choose ‘Mercy Of Osiris’, as you never know when you might get kicked from the game or lose Internet connection that might result in you forfeiting a match. 

3. Pre-Match Inspections

In Destiny, the loading screens, the ones where you’re flying around in your ship, are admittedly quite long. Use this to your advantage.

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Before your ship descends and ToO begins you’ll have about 20/30 seconds where you can inspect the team you are about to come up against.

This is a must, as it’ll give you a hint as to what kind of strategy each player in the opposing team will be implementing. Here are a few things to look out for… 

  • Level

The first thing you should do is take a look at what level your opponents are. If they’re a lower level than you, I would suggest being more aggressive. You’ll do more damage than they will - meaning in one-on-one shootouts you should win.

If however your opposition are higher than you, I’d play more conservatively. Keep your distance and try to get some headshots with sniper rifles. Once you down one player then you can begin to push forward. 

  • Weapons

Being able to see what weapons you’re up against is another great way of telling what your opponents playing style is going to be. A quick way of discovering this is by looking at their secondary weapons.

If they’re using shotguns, they plan on rushing and taking advantage of close quarter combat. If they’ve equipped sniper rifles, you should expect to see them camping and trying to take you out from long range. Take a look and decide how you’re going to counter their playing style.

  • Class/Sub Class

The final thing you should always look out for is the opposition’s classes and sub classes. This comes into effect by about the 3rd round when most players will have their supers ready. This is another way of anticipating how aggressive/conservative your opponents will be.


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If, for example, an opponent is using Bladedancer, they will rush you. If they’re using Gunslinger, expect long-range shots. Also, if you see a Warlock with Sunsinger, make sure when you kill them you don’t turn your back as they may self-revive and seek their revenge when you’re not expecting it. This has happened to me many times and it has cost me several rounds.

4. Rush The Enemy’s Heavy Ammo

When heavy ammo drops, do not go for your own. Instead rush to the enemy’s heavy ammo chest and try your best to take them out.

You will only have a window of about one or two seconds when they’re standing still trying to pick it up but, if successful, you’ll immediately be able to take out at least one or two guardians as they wait for their ammo.

Once you’ve done that successfully, you’ll have the option to either rush to your own heavy ammo or gang up on the remaining player/s left on the other team. 

5. Stick Together

My final recommendation is a very simple tip but one that is actually forgotten and overlooked by a lot of teams.

Basically, if you go around on your own, unless you come across an opponent that is also on their own, you will be outnumbered and you will die.

If however, you go around as a group of three, you’ll be able to team up against anyone on the other team who has strayed away from his/her teammates and take control of the map.

Also, by sticking together, if one of your party members go down, the other two members of your team are there to pick you up.

Teams that stick together, win together. 

So there are my Top 5 tips for Trials of Osiris. Put all these tips into practise and you will have a much better chance in your pursuit of a flawless run, getting to the Lighthouse and receiving some sweet loot. I wish you all the very best of luck!

Trials of Osiris will begin once again on Friday at 6pm.

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Images by MorningWar & rdslva

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