The Medium Recoups Development and Marketing Costs In Just A Few Days

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The Medium, the first big Xbox Series S/X exclusive of this console generation, has already recouped its development costs within days.

According to developer Bloober Team speaking to Polish site (thanks, Gamespot), the game made back its development and marketing costs.

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The Medium Recoups Development and Marketing Costs In Just A Few Days

Considering the game is currently only available on the latest Xbox consoles and PC, that's an impressive feat.

The game is available on Xbox Game Pass on console and PC, too, but whether the money Microsoft paid to secure it for the service is factored into the money earned.

With Xbox Game Pass reaching 18 million subscribers, there's certainly a larger audience available for Bloober's horror title than perhaps there would have been without it.

In our review of The Medium, we awarded it 3.5/5, noting that it "starts well and ends well, and the risks it took with bringing back fixed cameras and introducing single-player split-screen both come off, especially with the environment design able to dial the hotel’s creepiness up to eleven in the spirit world."

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