The 22 Best and Worst Moments in Destiny

Loot Cave not included.

Destiny's second expansion in the House of Wolves will be released in little over 2 weeks time. It's been a long 8 months since the base game initially dropped, abundant in excellent shooting action, jolly co-operation and... Green Engram drops. Here's the best and worst of Destiny so far.

Best: Your First Ever Engram Drop

There it is. That strange, yet intensely alluring small white crystal that toppled from Fallen Vandal during its death rattle. You approach it, inquisitive but somewhat apprehensive, allowing it to touch the tip of your boot. Then you see it, that square in the top right of your screen showing off your delicious new shotgun. This is gonna be good.

Worst: Green Drops

You've been playing Vanguard Strikes for hours now, hoping to get lucky. A couple of blues, a few dozen items that can be sold for a nice Glimmer infusion that will no doubt come in handy real soon. Then the greens. Oh, god, the greens.

They shall haunt my nightmares forever. Image courtest of Gorillaz2189 on Reddit.
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They shall haunt my nightmares forever. Image courtesy of Gorillaz2189 on Reddit.

Best: Hitting Level 20 for the First Time

You've finally made it. You journeyed through Earth and its Moon, Venus and Mars, facing all manner of unmentionable monstrosities, all culminating in crushing the dark heart of the Black Garden. You are legend, and now you're ready for your next challenge. It's time to begin the end-game.

Worst: Realising You're Not Actually Ready for End-Game

It turns out that once you hit 20 there's another additional 10 levels (12 as of The Dark Below) gained through light, and you need to grind up to Level 26 to be ready to join a raid group and then you want to be closer to 28-3 to attempt Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strikes have variable higher levels and...

Oh. Better get grinding. Or you can always edit it in Photoshop.

Best: Receiving Your First Legendary Weapon 

Mine was The Swarm, spawning from a Legendary Engram when I was a mere adolescent Light 23 Hunter. It was something special back then, due to legendary drops not being a guarantee from a Legendary Engram, making it all the more special. My Swarm - there are many like it, but this one is mine. 

Worst: The Gjallarhorn Not Dropping. Again.

"It's been 600 hours already, why hasn't it dropped yet? All my friends have it already, this sucks. Bungie better implement trading soon..."

Literally the story of my life. Image courtest of zoidboob on Reddit.
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Literally the story of my life. Image courtest of zoidboob on Reddit.

Best: Beating a Raid Blind For the First Time

The first Vault of Glass run is an exceptionally special experience for most Guardians, especially if they played it as part of the initial surge of challengers. Inching forward section by section, overcoming insurmountable odds on the way, marvelling at the idea of needing to utilise sealth in the Gorgon's Labyrinth, before finally reaching Atheon. Weary and beaten, but not broken. Strategies develop, refine, perfect. 

This is where you prove yourself. This is where you become legend.

Worst: Not Getting That Last Armour Drop You Need 

Still no Kabr's Wrath. Ah well, maybe next week...

I've started seeing this guy in my sleep. Image courtesy of Team Beyond.
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I've started seeing this guy in my sleep. Image courtesy of Team Beyond.

Best: The Auto Rifle Nerf Finally Clearing the Crucible of Suros Regime

All I wanted to do was play around with my Vision of Confluence, man.

Worst: Getting Suros Regime the Next Day

Gee, I can't wait to try out my overpowered new gun in the Crucible! Oh, wait. 

This gun is your FRIEND. It fights for FREEDOM.
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This gun is your FRIEND. It fights for FREEDOM.

Best: Helping a New Guardian Through the Nightfall

He's struggling, but attempting to keep up as best he can, clearly in awe of the sheer decimation caused by your advanced weaponary. It feels good, helping him through his first Nightfall Strike, knowing full well that he thinks you're the coolest Guardian ever. Sepiks Prime looms, but you know he's no match for your Arc Burn Thunderlord. Hopefully the young one gets something good.

Worst: Seeing Your Loot at the End

He got the one Exotic that you've been craving for months. You got Strange Coins. Ugh.

At least I have my Tearbreaker as a consolation... Image courtesy of Its_Dur on Reddit.
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At least I have my Tearbreaker as a consolation... Image courtesy of Its_Dur on Reddit.

Best: The Excitement of The Dark Below Releasing 

New content! New Strikes! New missions! A new Raid! More bounties! More gear!

Worst: Completing Everything in a Week

Maybe it was a bad idea to put in almost 80 hours in the space of a week, draining everything dry.


Best: Winning an Intense Crucible Game for Your Team


Worst: The Guy That Went 1-20 Got All the Good Drops

Maybe if you just stopped trying you'd have better luck with drops too? How does he manage to get The Last Word with one kill. At that rate you should've gotten... 20 of them. Thanks, RNG.

Best: Getting Flawless Raider

This is the epitome of becoming legend. Absolute gaming bliss.

Worst: Recalling How Long it Took You to Achieve

Those that completed it via Crota's End had it easy. One word. Chasm. This one, simple jump section caused more failed attempts than anything else combined tenfold. Who'd have thought that the greatest hurdle for six battle-hardened Guardians would be a hole in the ground with a couple of platforms? 

Welcome to Hell.
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Welcome to Hell.

Best: When The Exotic You Crave Finally Drops

Things may well be looking up.

Worst: It Dropping 5 Times Over the Next Week

Maybe not.

...a casual loop of loot...
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...a casual loop of loot... Image courtesy of unl3a5h3d on Reddit.

Best: Being Unable to Contain Your Excitement for House of Wolves

Absolutely everything that has been announced so far sounds perfect. Meaningful changes to progression and economy, an additional social space in the Reef, a true competitive PvP game mode, and the (as of yet unknown) Prison of Elders. This is likely to be the best addition to Bungie's title yet.

Worst: Knowing that We Still Have to Wait 2 Weeks for It


Destiny is one of those titles that manages to be magical by enabling amazing social experiences, and the House of Wolves is no doubt set to be an excellent addition to what players are currently enjoying. What are your best and worst Destiny moments since playing? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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