Steam Now Supports Xbox Elite Controller Paddles and Dualsense Lighting

Fresh from surveying players about whether they'd like Dualsense features added to the Xbox Series S/X controller, Microsoft's premium Elite Controllers now have added utility when used on Steam.

In patch notes for a new Steam client beta, Valva refers to "extended" support for Xbox controllers, including remapping of the Elite controller's paddles, as well as new features for Sony's Dualsense.

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Steam Now Supports Xbox Elite Controller Paddles and Dualsense Lighting

Xbox pad users can now use the rear paddles on the controller to input commands, while Series S/X controller users can customise what the Share button does on the latest iteration.

If you're on PS5, you've not been forgotten, either. Your Dualsense controller's LED lighting can now be disabled or enabled as per your preference.

Alas, there's still no way to translate the advanced haptic feedback or adaptive triggers from the Dualsense into Steam, but here's hoping that'll come eventually.

Elsewhere, players can now customise HOTAS and G15 inputs in-game provided that Generic Gamepad Configuration Support is turned on, and Wooting Two keyboards now have full Steam support, too.

It's worth noting that Microsoft is the subject of a lawsuit due to the presence of stick drift in various models of Xbox controller.

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