Sony Files a New Trademark for 'Knack'

First translated by Gematsu and then spotted by VGC, it appears that Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new trademark for "Knack".

Although initially filed on March 17th in Japan, the details of the trademark registration have only today been made public. The full details of Gematsu's findings can be seen in the Tweet below.

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But What's Knack All About Anyway?

For those not in the know, Knack was a major first party platformer which released as a launch title for the PlayStation 4 back in 2013. It was originally developed by Sony's now defunct Japan Studio.

It was subsequently followed up by a sequel, the imaginatively titled Knack II, which released for the same console in 2017 with a new focus on couch co-op play.

Despite their mixed critical receptions and middling sales upon release, both games have since gained a substantial cult following and earned their place in popular meme culture.

Whether the filing of this trademark is merely Sony keeping a tight grip on their first-party franchises or the beginnings of a new follow-up to the Knack duology is yet to be seen.

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