Sony E3 Conference Recap

Much like Microsoft, Sony didn't waste any time showing off some big guns. From long-forgotten releases, to fresh new IP, this E3 conference was a treat and we've got the full recap for you right here...

  • The Last Guardian has FINALLY been shown. It's real. It exists and it's coming in 2016. We saw a full five minute gameplay demo of the game, featuring the boy and his rat/dog/bird like creature buddy. A pity it's not hitting this year, but it's great to see the game hasn't died a death.
  • Guerilla Games have unveiled their new IP. A real beautiful looking fantasy looking title, featuring mehanical robots and crossbows. A battle between man and dinosaur looking machines. It has a bit of an Assassin's Creed vibe to it, but also reminds us of Metal Gear and Gears of War. Looks very interesting. Oh, and it has a red-head female lead. It's called Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Square Enix up next. And it's a big gun. Hitman is BACK! A new world of assassination for Agent 47 for current-gen consoles. An ever-expanding world that grows   6 unique PS4 contracts, and an exclusive beta when you pre-order the game. 
  • Streetfighter V shown off and is exclusive to PS4 and PC is coming in 2016. The first public beta will be on PS4 and will hit on July 23rd
  • No Man's Sky was shown off next, and looks as beautiful as ever. Oh, and it's HUGE. A massive solar system with planets within planets and small islands to uncover. No release date revealed yet, but Sean Murray promised us SOON.
  • Media Molecule show up next and are working on dreams. A new IP that looks great fun.
  • We go from that to a confirmed Final Fantasy VII remake coming first to PS4. No really. It's happening. Stop pinching yourself.
  • Oh, and then from there, we go to a Shenmue 3 Kickstarter that went live during the conference. This is not a drill. This is not a joke...
  • Project Morpheus shown off now, and a new Playstation Vue service, which allows you to subscribe to individual channels. 
  • Black Ops 3 gets worldwide premiere gameplay footage on Playstation stage and have announced that all COD DLC will now come first to Playstation 4. Seems the Xbox exclusive deal is over.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 will feature Star Wars. Twilight of the Republic, set through Episodes 1 through 3, and Rise against the Empire, through Episodes 4 through 6. A limited edition Disney Infinity 3.0 pack exclusive to PS platforms one month before anyone else. Also, Boba Fett is exclusive to Playstation in 2015.
  • Some new footage of Battlefront is shown, revealing some new modes and showing off some extra characters and environments. 
  • And finally, Uncharted 4 got a long 10 minute demo, which was beautiful and entertaining to watch. 
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