Sony Donates $1 Billion to Epic Games For Expanding the Metaverse

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Sony will be donating $1 billion to Epic Games as part of the publisher's continued vision to work on entertainment as part of the metaverse. KIRKBI, an investment company behind the LEGO group, also donated $1 billion, making Epic Games a neat $2 billion overall for their metaverse plans.

According to a press release from Epic Games, both Sony and KIRKBI are believers in the big metaverse movement, as these two companies like the idea of this supposedly new form of entertainment. This is more to help out with the metaverse and not an exclusive partnership, so it’s doubtful that any major PlayStation games are coming to Epic Games first unless something else is announced.

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Sony Donates $1 Billion to Epic Games For Expanding the Metaverse

Here’s what Sony had to say about their $1 billion donation to Epic Games and the metaverse:

“As a creative entertainment company, we are thrilled to invest in Epic to deepen our relationship in the metaverse field, a space where creators and users share their time. We are also confident that Epic’s expertise, including their powerful game engine, combined with Sony’s technologies, will accelerate our various efforts such as the development of new digital fan experiences in sports and our virtual production initiatives.”

Only time will tell what the entertainment aspect of the metaverse will be like and if all this investment is worth it in the end. Lego recently announced an exclusive partnership with Epic Games for a new metaverse experience, with many seeing it as a possible alternative to Roblox.

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