Skyrim Creation Mod Con 2023 headlined by fresh Skyblivion quest gameplay

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Oblivion's Imperial City in Skyblivion.
Credit: The Skyblivion team/Bethesda.

Modders have put an awful lot of effort into making sure Skyrim has continually evolved and expanded in the years since it was first released into the world.

Many have focused on changing the game by adding their own interesting quests, cosy player homes, and incredibly detailed immersion mechanics to it. A few have even gone as far as creating their own cool Dwemer gadgets, or giving the Dragonborn some Assassin’s Creed-style climbing skills.

If you’re someone who’s just as excited to finally play Skyblivion as you are Starfield, a fresh slice of gameplay from it, which just premiered as part of a huge showcase weekend for some of Skyrim's biggest modding projects, is definitely worth taking a look at.

Looking forward to delving back into memorable quests like this one when Skyblivion finally arrives?

As alluded to, this past weekend featured the 2023 edition of Creation Mod Con, an online event designed to showcase the yearly progress of some of the Skyrim modding community’s biggest projects.

The pair of lengthy live streams that made up this year’s version of the event, which has been going since 2021, provided fresh looks and teasers for a bunch of really cool works. Then again, this should be no surprise given that it’s organised by some of the folks behind Beyond Skyrim, Skywind, Skyblivion, and the Arcane University.

Headlining the two days were some in-depth gameplay showcases for Skywind and Skyblivion, re-creations of Morrowind and Oblivion using Skyrim’s engine, with the latter’s segment featuring a lengthy look at the memorable quest ‘Mazoga the Orc’, narrated by YouTuber Heavy Burns.

In the walkthrough, which you can watch in full below, you get a pretty good look around the city of Leyawiin, as well as a chance to see how the team has brought the game’s iconic Ayleid ruins back to life.

In order to get your hands on some of the mod’s unique Elven treasure, you’ll have to battle Draugr-style enemies called Ayleid Wights, which are “ancient Elves that act as guardians to the more unexplored depths of Ayleid ruins.”

“Despite the massive scope of [the Skyblivion] project, we are finally seeing the end of the road, but there is still much work to be done,” said Burns at the end of the walkthrough, adding that the project is still taking applications for skilled volunteers.

Also featured in day one’s stream included projects like Odyssey of the Dragonborn, the latest work from the team behind the uber popular ‘Legacy of the Dragonborn', while day two’s stream included looks at the likes of Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind and Skyrim: Extended Cut.


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