Silent Hills is Dead

After a weekend of rumours surrounding the landmark horror franchise's latest title, Konami confirmed today that Silent Hills has officially been cancelled. Upon confirming that they had dropped the project, they did note that the game had been in an embryonic state and was not particularly far whatsoever into development.

All of this comes as the culmination of weeks of high profile news surrounding the company and its affairs, including the impending departure of Hideo Kojima, director of both Silent Hills and upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

News that Kojima was leaving after the completion of the latest Metal Gear Solid game as well as Konami beginning the search for new staff led many to believe that Silent Hills was potentially at risk. This was compounded by major collaborator, Guillermo Del Toro stating in an interview over the weekend that the title "wasn't gonna happen", as well as planned star Norman Reedus noting his disappointment via Twitter that the project had fallen through.

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P.T Is Dead Too

Interestingly, P.T., the teaser released last year that sparked mass excitement for the potential of a new Silent Hill game, is being removed from the Playstation store this week, rendering it completely unplayable to those that haven't previously downloaded it.

Konami De-Lists from NYSE

In what is certainly a long news day for Konami, they also de-listed themselves from the New York Stock Exchange as of April 24th. It was cited as a money-saving move due to the lack of common stock traded in the United States, with only .29 percent as of current. They estimated that the move would save them $5,000,000 - $10,000,000 per year.

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