Sea of Thieves: How To Get The Rare Legend Figurehead

Sea of Thieves, Rare's open-world pirate multiplayer title, is getting a new limited-time event to celebrate the developer's 35th anniversary.

As part of the event, players are being sent on a fun treasure hunt to track down five pieces of Rare's history. Once players interact with each by "inspecting" them, they'll unlock the awesome Rare Legend Figurehead that you can see below.

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How To Get The Rare Legend Figurehead


If you head to Shipwreck Bay and find the Blackwyche, you'll be able to get to the Captain's Cabin and inspect the name above the door. Doing so will reward players with 7 Doubloons and 3,500 Gold Coins.


Head to Snake Island and look for a Battletoads rock painting. Inspect it to earn more currency, as well as tick another off your list.


Head to Plunder Valley and keep your eye out for the bird-shaped rock formation. At its base, you'll find another rock painting and more rewards.

Viva Pinata

Head to Thieves Haven's central cave system and follow the caves westward to find a Viva Pinata painting.

Perfect Dark 

This one is a little different, and it's quite fun, too. You'll need to head into a storm on your ship with all of the lights off. If you've done it correctly, you'll get coins and doubloons deposited again!

After all that, you'll unlock the Figurehead, although it can take up to 48 hours to arrive at your nearest shipwright.

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