Sea of Thieves: How To Complete The Lost Shipments Voyage

The first season of Sea of Thieves has now released all over the world.

The popular pirate game is set for a big 2021, as it switches to seasonal content as opposed to monthly tweaks and updates.

This has been a growing trend in the video game industry and it's great to see it follow suit.

Now, the game has added a ton of content; but, some players are struggling to complete certain quests.

One of these quests is the Lost Shipments Voyage, which is chalked full of little tasks you have to complete.

But, do not fear! As we have got you covered with our comprehensive guide down below/.



There are an ample amount of steps in order to complete this voyage.

But thankfully, some are a lot easier than others and should not take you too long.

First off, you are going to want to buy the Lost Shipments Voyage from one of the NPCs within the game.

This can be found via Larinna, who will be outside one of the outposts when you load up the game.

Next, you are going to want to take a close look at the map you receive for this quest to figure out what part of the map you are going to want to head to.

After you have figured this out, hit the seas and sail over to your destination.



Once you are close enough to the marker, you will notice a small pack of birds flying over some wreckage.

This will be your cue to interact with the items within the sea, as you will need to find a specific item.

The Captain's Key is what you are looking for, and it will be gold with a tint of blue around the inside of the key.

Once you find this key, head over to the rest of the wreckage, there is a good chance there will be some additional clues there!

Next, you are going to once again bring the map/quest upon your player; as there should be some more clues added to this. 

There will be some trial and error here, as you are going to want to find the clue that will correctly lead you to the wreckage.

Once you do so, however, you will be at the wreckage where you can loot to your heart's desire! 

Be careful when you are looting the wrecked ship, however. As it will not mark the task as completed until you find the manifest within the ship!



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