Rumour: Quake Reboot In The Works With A Female Protagonist, Will Have Single-Player And Multiplayer Modes

A new rumour from Shpeshal_Nick of the XboxEra podcast suggests that a Quake Reboot is in development and will feature both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Before we get stuck in deep, to the rumour, do take this with a grain of salt until we hear official confirmation from Bethesda or more sources.

Anyway, Nick on the podcast, says that he has heard from a source that a Quake reboot is in development at id Software, with MachineGames possibly helping out with development.

On top of that, allegedly the game will have a female protagonist, with this being more of a full reboot, rather than the multiplayer-only Quake Champions which released a few years ago.

The source for this sounds a little sketchy with Nick saying he got a random DM in Discord with this information, but he doesn't go on to say if this is from one of his sources or a random person.

But taking a look at the idea of a Quake Reboot, it does seem like something id Software would tackle next.

With Quake Champions failing to make a space for itself in the hero shooter space and DOOM's new style and setting officially cemented with the conclusion of Doom Eternal's support on June 29, we could see id wanting to reboot Quake and add that to their collection of IP, modernising it for a whole new audience, while appealing to older fans.

As we said, this isn't confirmed right now and should be taken as nothing more than a rumour. However, it is interesting to think about what a Quake reboot could look like in 2021.

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