Rocket League Weekly Challenges: Season 2 Week 1 (9th December) Reset Date, Time, Tips And Rewards

Rocket League's new season is here and Season 2 brings even more awesome content in the free-to-play era.

Challenges are now being added to the game for players to complete and earn rewards.

Here are this week's challenges.

Season 2 Live

Weekly Challenges

All of this week's weekly challenges are listed below:

Free Challenges

  • Couple of Wins - Win 2 Online Matches in any Casual playlist (10,000 XP)
  • Experienced Driver - Gain 2 XP Levels (Rare Drop)
  • Clearly Centered - Get 15 Clears or Centers in Online Matches (10,000 XP)

This should be pretty easy to do in your opening few games by hanging around the goal and ensuring you can clear the ball.

Play a bit of solid defensive, but hang deep enough that you can get a clear accomplishment.

Premium Challenges

  • Get 10 Goals, Assists or Saves in Online Matches
  • Get 25 Shots in Casual Online Matches
  • Get 3 Goals in Online Matches

You're going to need to do a bit of goal hanging for this to ensure you're getting shots on goal.

Try not to be a detriment to your team and leave them with all defensive work, but hang around the other team's half to pick up and loose balls and put it in.

If that's not working for you, hang back and wait for the ball to spill into your path for an easy shot on goal.

Reset Date

Rocket League's weekly challenges will reset on December 9th - these will update at 2.30pm GMT.

That gives you plenty of time to get them complete and pick up the rewards.

Tips and Tricks

We'll update this when the challenges reset.

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