Rocket League Haunted Hallows Challenges Guide: Dates, Tips, Rewards And Everything You Need To Know

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With Halloween creeping closer and closer each day, various games are starting their Halloween events.

This is no different for Rocket League.

The 'Haunted Hallows' event started yesterday and will run until November 2nd.


That's plenty of time for players to pick-up all the exclusive cosmetics up for grabs.

Psyonix has provided a wealth of challenges and rewards so let's check out what Rocket League has in store for us this Halloween.

Haunted Hallows Challenges And Rewards:

Ghostbusters has arrived in Rocket League for this year's Halloween event.

That means plenty of recognisable cosmetics from the film!

Check out the rewards and challenges below:

  • Get 20 Centers or Clears in Online Matches

Reward: Ghost Trap (Limited Topper)

  • Get 5 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches

Reward: Ghostbusters Player Banner

  • Use the "Nice Shot" or "Nice One" or "Okay" Quick Chats in 10 Online Matches

Reward: Avatar Border

  • Score 5 total Goals in Online Matches

Reward: Ectoplasm Rocket Boost

  • Win 2 Online Matches in a row

Reward: Stay Puft Wheels

  • Play 20 Online Matches

Reward: Golden Pumpkin '20 (Rare Reward Item)

  • Get 10 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches

Reward: Stay Puft (Limited Topper)

  • Get 3 Assists in Online Matches

Reward: Ecto-1 Player Banner

  • Get 3 XP Levels

Reward: Mood Slime Rocket Boost

  • Get 10 Assists in Online Matches

Reward: Slimer Topper

  • Earn two MVP Honors in Online Matches

Reward: Ghostbusters Wheels

  • Win 10 Online Matches

Reward: 20k XP

Tips and Tricks

There aren't many specific tips for completing the Halloween challenges.


Most of all just make sure you're enjoying the game while completing them.

The majority of the challenges will complete themselves by playing online matches.

You have until November 2nd to complete all of the challenges.

Remember after that date the exclusive cosmetics will be impossible to obtain.

There's no time to waste, jump on and take part in the 'Haunting Hallows' event.


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