Rocket League 1.05 Update Arrives

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The Rocket League 1.05 update is finally here! What can you expect?

The first season of ranked play has officially begun! There are now multiple ranked season divisions and post-season division placements and rewards.


If you enjoy competitive gameplay, make sure you check out the weekly Gfinity Rocket League cup every Friday featuring a 3v3 variant format.

In addition to this, PC players can now filter out PlayStation 4 players from the matchmaking search and improvements have also been made to enhance the spectator mode. See below for the full list of patch notes including the new flags added.



  • Added “Community Flags”
    • Angry Army
    • Anne Munition
    • The Attack
    • EMD1
    • ESL
    • itmeJP
    • MLG
    • Razer
    • Saudi Gamer
  • Serious Gaming
  • Added “Video Games”
    • Chivalry – Agatha Knights
    • Chivalry – Mason Order
  • Added “Country Flags”
    • Bahrain
    • Belize
    • Bhutan
    • Botswana
    • Comoros
    • East Timor
    • Fiji
    • Gambia
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Guyana
    • Kosovo
    • Lesotho
    • Macau
    • Mauritius
    • Pakistan
    • Puntland
    • Réunion
    • Solomon Islands
    • Somaliland
    • Suriname
    • Swaziland
    • Western Sahara



Online Play

  • Added “Find New Match” option to Ranked endgame screen
  • PC Players can now filter PlayStation 4 players out of matchmaking search

Ranked Season

  • Season 1 has officially begun and all leaderboards have been reset
  • The “Solo Standard” 3v3 Ranked Playlist has been re-added
  • Season Rankings are now based on Rank Points (RP)
    • Rank Points are gained or lost based on Player skill rating, teammates’ skill, and the opponent’s skill (like the Pre-Season rating)
    • Rank Points change consistently throughout the Season unlike the Pre-Season skill rating, which changed less and less the more games that were played
    • Earning 100 RP will promote Players to the next Division, but dropping below 0 RP will demote them to the previous Division
    • The Player’s initial division is seeded based on their Pre-Season skill rating
  • Ranked Divisions are now separated into…
    • Unranked
    • Bronze I
    • Bronze II
    • Bronze III
    • Silver I
    • Silver II
    • Silver III
    • Gold I
    • Gold II
    • Gold III
  • Platinum (Top 100 Players)
  • Reaching Silver, Gold, or Platinum division rewards players with special reward items at the Season’s end
  • Note: Season 1 will last for the next several months. An end date will be announced several weeks in advance


  • Added Music Player interface to all menu screens
  • Added “Featured Video” to in-game blog roll
  • Added “Video Games” sub-section to Garage Items/ Antennas
  • Spectate Mode: Added persistent nameplate that shows username and stats for all players
  • Spectate Mode: Added the ability to focus on the ball while in Flycam
  • (PC) Spectate Mode: Controls now support hotkeys for camera switching between players or free cam



  • Ranked Pre-Season is now over (see above)
  • Improved overall connection reliability

Arena – Utopia Coliseum

  • Daylight has been changed to earlier in the day
  • Overall lighting effects and ambiance have been improved
  • Level boundaries are now more clearly defined
  • Added new arches around the outside of the playing field (because it looks cooler)
  • Player start positions and Boost placements have been standardized to match other maps


  • Moved “Save Replay” option lower in the post-game screen so it is not selected by default
  • Disabled HTML tag support in chat
  • (PS4) Controller audio has been switched to “Off” by default for single-player, but can be toggled back on via Options menu (Splitscreen controller audio still defaults to “On”)

Garage Items

  • Antennas
    • Moved “Blacklight” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Blacklight: Retribution” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Edge of Space” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Fenix Rage” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Shadowgate” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Strike Vector EX” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Unreal” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Warframe” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Warframe Chroma” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Warframe Excalibur” to “Video Games” folder
    • Moved “Warframe Loki” to “Video Games” folder
  • (PS4) Moved “Sweet Tooth” to “Video Games” folder


  • Direct Input and XInput controllers no longer stop working when played together
  • Improved protection against corrupted save data
  • Repaired boundary-collision issue that would sometimes allow players to exit the arena
  • Fixed random invisibility bug associated with large Boost pick-ups


  • Fixed issue that caused in-game sounds to drop in and out
  • Repaired sound-related crash scenario that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches


  • Utopia Coliseum: Fixed issue that would sometimes allow the ball to fall through the bottom of the map


  • (PS4) Text chat now properly works after suspend/ resume
  • (PS4) Corrected issue that caused PC players to appear nameless to PS4 players following suspend/ resume

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