Manchester City launch third kit in Roblox

A screenshot of the Manchester City kit in Roblox.

A screenshot of the Manchester City kit in Roblox.

Premier League teams have had some weird third kits over the years, often employing unorthodox colours and patterns that would never be included in a standard home or away shirt.

After all, when a kit’s only going to be seen a few times a year or on the bodies of a few diehard fans, why not lose your mind a bit while coming up with the concept for it?

Now, though, it seems Manchester City have taken this philosophy a step further than usual, submitting an application for banter club status by staging the world’s first Roblox kit reveal.

What has happened to the beautiful game?

Unveiled to lucky players populating both the Land of Games experience and the experience associated with manufacturer PUMA, the new kit is apparently inspired by the city of Manchester's street art.

So, naturally, it had to be revealed not via some street artists, but with a “special metaverse event”, which will see “a Manchester City reskin of the current lobby and stadium in PUMA and the Land of Games”.

A Roblox footballer in a Man City kit
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Also featured in this important celebration will be a portal to Manchester City’s Blue Moon experience, which is open for a limited time, allowing players the chance to claim a free item by visiting both experiences.

The kit itself is acquirable via competing and winning the Football Rush minigame, which is also set to be the site of a YouTube tournament as part of the event, which will see ten players compete to win a cash prize of $10k/£8.2k to be used in the game.

Manchester City player Laura Coombs in the new City third kit, announced on Roblox today.
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Or, you can just buy the kit from the game’s PUMA gear shop and experience its dryCELL sweat-wicking technology virtually, just in case your Roblox character has suddenly developed sweat glands.

So, if you’re not a Manchester City fan, remember this next time you think your club’s done something embarrassing, and make sure to follow us for more Roblox updates and code guides, as new content arrives in the game.

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