Team 17 Drops SWAT Shooter Ready or Not After School Shooter Comments

Ready or Not, a video game about being on a SWAT team and not an adaptation of the 2019 movie starring Samara Weaving, had a lot of fans excited since the exploits of a SWAT team does have the potential for a fun video game but it seems that some trouble has hit it as Ready or Not has parted ways with publisher Team 17 after confirming a school shooting level.

It will be interesting to see if any other publisher shows interest in the game since Ready or Not has a semi-interesting premise for a realistic shooter, with the use of a SWAT team making for a nice alternative to all the soldiers we’ve seen in various first-person shooters like Call of Duty.

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Team 17 Drops SWAT Shooter Ready or Not After School Shooter Comments

VOID Interactive, the developers of Ready or Not, has confirmed that Team 17 would no longer publish the shooter, calling it a mutual decision on Twitter, though the incident regarding the aforementioned school shooting level wasn’t mentioned on the Tweet.

For those unaware, VOID Interactive had a Reddit Q & A about Ready or Not, and when someone asked if there would be a school shooter level and the developers enthusiastically said "You better believe it's gonna," which caused some controversy and is likely the reason why Team 17 parted ways with VOID.

Team 17 also referred the following to Kotaku: "Team17 Digital and Void Interactive have mutually agreed that Ready or Not will no longer be published by Team17 Digital. We wish the team at Void Interactive all the best for the future and the continued development of the game. [We] have [no] further comment on it at the moment."

Ready or Not doesn’t have a release date yet and is currently scheduled for release on PC, though the game will likely come to modern and current-gen consoles at some stage in the future.

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