PlayStation shows off new PS5 Access controller

The PS5 Access controller.
Credit: PlayStation.

The PS5 Access controller.
Credit: PlayStation.

Making games an accessible space for players with diverse needs is an increasingly high priority for companies, and now Sony is getting in on the action. Its first-party titles like The Last of Us Part II have been lauded for their bounty of accessibility settings, catering to everything from blind support to increased audio feedback.

This time around, Sony has announced a bespoke PS5 controller, completely redesigned to assist players who may struggle with traditional gamepads. Revealed yesterday (May 18), the new Access controller for PS5 is bringing the action to even more players.

Fittingly, the announcement coincides with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which was celebrated on the Access' reveal date. Further details are ripe, marking an important step in gaming peripherals casting a wide net to help out players.

New PS5 Access controller has been officially revealed by Sony

Previously known only as Project Leonardo, the PS5 Access controller, as seen below, is a fully customisable and modular controller kit. As per a PlayStation blog post, the goal is to "help many players with disabilities play games more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods."

The kit comes with all the modular instalments you could need, and can be swapped in and out depending on your situation or preference when playing a game. You can expect different types of button as well, with curved, flat, and arching button caps allowing you a more accurate and comfortable grip.

The entire control scheme can be customised within the PS5 UI, changing anything from button mapping to thumbstick deadzones. The controller can also be held down flat on a desk, or mounted at various angles for easier access and less strained use.

To learn even more about it, Sony has an explainer video, which you can watch below. Pre orders aren't open for the PS5 Access controller yet, but you can sign up for email updates to ensure you don't miss out.

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