Project Scarlett: Price Revealed After Microsoft Reveals Upgrade Option With Xbox All Access?

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Microsoft has announced that an upgrade option for the next Xbox console, the Project Scarlett, will be available for those that purchase Xbox All Access. While we're still waiting on details about Project Scarlett, paritcularly a price, this option seems to give us an indicator of what we're in for - it could be set to be over £400.

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What Is Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access allows you to pay a monthly fee to obtain an Xbox One X (or Xbox One S) as well as an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass for a monthly fee. Anyone that opts to this will be able to upgrade to a new console. Currently the packages on offer are:

  • Xbox One X console bundle (£24.99/mo)
  • Xbox One S console bundle (£19.99/mo)
  • Xbox One S All-Digital console (£17.99/mo)

This is an easy and affordable way for players to get the next generation of Xbox console, while it allows Microsoft to really squeeze what they can out of the end of this consoles life span. As you can imagine, many will not be purchasing an Xbox One this Christmas, as they hold out for the next generation in 2020 - now they will be safe in the knowledge that they can upgrade to the next console.


There is a stipulation that those that get the Xbox One S All-Digital console will need to pay a £15 upgrade fee.

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How Much Will The Project Scarlett

Players in the UK and US, who buy an Xbox One with Xbox All Access can upgrade to Project Scarllet once it goes on sale and they've made 18 payments. There's currently a limited time offer on the Xbox One X, allowing players to upgrade after only 12 months - coming in at £299.98 (£449.82). The Xbox One S console bundle will set you back £359.82‬ and the Xbox One S All-Digital console will cost £338.82‬.


Based on this information, it must be assumed that the Project Scarlett will cost between £300-400, which isn't far off the original price of the Xbox One at launch (£429 - this was quickly reduced). Could this be what we're looking at when Project Scarlett comes on sale?

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91