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Ninja Theory is a relatively popular developer within the games industry; as they are currently working on projects such Hellblade 2.

Now, it appears the studio is experimenting with a brand new title; as they have teased a game called Project Mara recently. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to showcase a title; this one has a lot of gamers wondering what this project is about.

Here's everything you need to know! 



This week, Ninja Theory has posted a brand new video called 'The Dreadnought Diaries'. Which encapsulates some of the design procedures and other variables that have taken place in regards to Project Mara.

Check it out below!

Project Mara was announced all the way back in January of 2020, but we have heard little news regarding the title since. 


Release Date

No news on when Project Mara is going to get a full release date.

Perhaps we will hear some news regarding the title later down the line in 2021, potentially during E3 2021! 



The official Project Mara website, which can be found here notes the game is apart of the Xbox Game Studio.

So, we can assume it will only be playable on the Xbox One/Series X/S and PC! 


What's It About

It is kinda tricky to pinpoint what exactly Project Mara will be about.

From what we can tell, Ninja Theory is looking to replicate the horrors that a young lady named Mara has undergone.

We cannot wait to find out more information soon though! 


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