Project Athia Is Now Forspoken, Launches In 2022

Square Enix's PS5 console-exclusive Project Athia finally has an official title - Forspoken.

Also coming to PC, the game is targeting a 2022 release date, and Square Enix has revealed in-game footage.

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Project Athia Is Now Forspoken, Launches In 2022

Developed by Luminous Productions, the game will star Frey Holland, a protagonist who is bestowed magical powers and must use them to survive the game's harsh world, Athia (hence the working title).

Much still remains to be seen about Forspoken, but we do know that actress Ella Balinska will portray Frey in the game through performance capture and voice acting.

It also looks as though we can look forward to a run-in or two with a dragon, as well as what appear to be some pretty flashy magical attacks and the ability to zip through the game's environment (which certainly bears more than a small nod to Final Fantasy XV's landscapes - which Luminous previously worked on).

For more on Forspoken, check out everything we know so far.

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