Pokemon Sword And Shield: New Abilities And Items Coming In Isle of Armor DLC

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Recently, a host of new Pokemon moves were unearthed thanks to data miners exploring Pokemon Home.

Thanks to Spanish-language site Pokemon Centro, new abilities and items have been discovered and will be arriving with the Isle of Armor DLC in June.

Here's what's been found after diving into the Pokemon Home files.

New Pokemon Sword And Shield Items

  • Max Honey
  • Max Mushrooms
  • Galarica Twig
  • Galarica Cuff
  • Style Card
  • Armor Pass
  • Exp. Charm
  • Armorite Ore
  • Mark Charm


We can only assume that EXP Charm will increase a Pokemon's EXP, most likely when holding the item in battle.

But for the most part

New Pokemon Sword And Shield Abilities

  • Quick Draw
  • Unseen Fist

Unseen Fist is an ability that belong to Urshifu, regardless of its form.