Planet Coaster: Console Edition Adds Spooky And Adventure DLC Packs

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We love Planet Coaster: Console Edition (read our glowing review to find out why), and this week the best theme park management sim ever made has just got even better. 

Developer Frontier has released two new DLC packs for the game, each bringing a wealth of new rides, attractions, scenery and entertainers for your park. 


The Spooky Pack and The Adventure Pack are available to purchase individually for £7.99/£9.99 each, or together in the Spooky & Adventure Bundle for £11.99/$14.99, and the best part is that these two addons are out now so you can start expanding your theme park straight away.  

If you want to know more about these brilliant DLCs then we’ve got all the information you need below…

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What’s in the Planet Coaster: Console Edition Spooky Pack?

It may be a little out of season at this point but The Spooky Pack adds a bunch of Halloween-themed items to Planet Coaster. 


For £7.99/$9.99 you’ll get two new dark rides, spine-chilling scenery and a load of new building pieces. 

You’ll also be able to hire a new entertainer, King Ghoster, to roam your park and scare the living daylights out of your guests. 

If you want to create a horror-stuffed park then this DLC pack you’ve been waiting for. A trailer for The Spooky Pack has also been released today, which you can watch below:


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What’s in the Planet Coaster: Console Edition Adventure Pack?

If you’re looking to inject some adrenaline into your park then The Adventure Pack is for you. 

For £7.99/$9.99 you’ll get a shiny new coaster, two new water-based attractions, jungle-inspired scenery and plenty of new building pieces. 


You’ll also get a brand new entertainer, Renee Feu, who will wander your park and ensure your guests are having a wild time. 

The Adventure Pack is ideal for intrepid explorers who want to add a slice of danger to their park. If you want to see The Adventure Pack in action, then check out the trailer below: