Path of Exile Update 3.13 Delay: Cyberpunk 2077 Pushes PoE Expansion Release Date to 2021

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Grinding Gears Games' Path of Exile has risen to be one of the most successful hack and slash top-down RPG's of the genre.

After it's release onto PC in 2013, the game has expanded to both the PlayStation and Xbox.


Fans of the title were looking forward to the latest 'Heist' expansion, originally set to release in December.

However, Cyberpunk's recent delay has forced the developers to push back the expansion's release date.

When Is Path of Exile's 'Heist' Expansion Set To Release?

On October 28th, CD Projekt RED revealed Cyberpunk 2077 would be delayed until December 10th.


This meant that Cyberpunk was set to release at a similar time to PoF's 'Heist' expansion.

Grinding Gear Games made the decision that they were not ready to compete with Cyberpunk and have delayed the release of the 'Heist' expansion.

The expansion was originally scheduled to release December 11th.

However, the expansion will now release in January of next year.


Although this is disappointing for some PoF fans it makes sense financially for Grinding Gear Games.

Competing with arguably the most anticipated game of the year would be a serious challenge.

The developers have openly stated that they do not want fans having to choose between playing Cyberpunk and 'Heist'.

Overall this feels like a difficult but correct decision from Grinding Gear Games.


Let's hope a specific January release date is revealed before the new year.