Nintendo reveals F-Zero 99, leaving fans debating whether they’d have been better off with nothing

A race in F-Zero 99.
Credit: Nintendo.

A race in F-Zero 99.
Credit: Nintendo.

While the biggest talking point to come out of June's Nintendo Direct was whether some of the characters known for being voiced by Charles Martinet actually sounded like the now former Mario actor, fans were still hyped up heading into today’s showcase.

Featuring a couple of different announcements related to Nintendo’s iconic plumber, who’ll be gracing us with his presence a couple of times during 2024, as well as later this year in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the broadcast had plenty to dig into, especially if you’re trying to read the Switch 2 tea leaves.

However, fans of one series have ended up with rather mixed emotions in the aftermath of this September Direct, having received an announcement, but not the one many of them were hoping for.

Are you planning on giving F-Zero 99 a go?

During the showcase, Nintendo confirmed that F-Zero is making a long-anticipated return after a lengthy hiatus, with the title to bring it back being F-ZERO 99, which Switch Online members can play for free right now.

Pitting you against 99 other racers in battle royale fashion, the game certainly looks like something that could be fun, but it isn’t what a lot of the series’ hardcore fans have had in mind when they’ve been badgering Nintendo to bring it back.

The responses to the publisher’s tweet about the announcement have ranged from “I'll take F-Zero being back in any form!” to “20 years of nothing and THAT'S the best you can do!?” Fans over on the F-zero subreddit are showcasing a similar range of emotions.

“I guess it's nice Nintendo at least acknowledged F-Zero exists,” user blobmista4 has mused, adding: “If I was being optimistic I'd say it might even be that F-Zero 99 exists to gauge how much interest there is in the franchise for a potential future title.”

On the other hand, based on the exact same idea regarding 99’s wider purpose user ChaoCobo has dubbed it “worse than nothing,” arguing that: “it’s an obligation to F-Zero fans to play it or else we won't get anything ever again.”

Many of the fans in the thread have landed somewhere between these two viewpoints, with user xPriddyBoi essentially summing up the mood by saying: “I am simultaneously hyped and massively disappointed.”

Regardless of how you feel about F-Zero 99, make sure to follow us for updates on Nintendo games ranging from Super Mario Bros. Wonder to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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