Nintendo Indie World Showcase for March 17 – EVERYTHING announced

UPDATE: Here's everything announced at today's Nindie Showcase. Sky Racket and Exit the Gungeon are both launching TODAY!

  • Blue Fire - Summer 2020
  • Baldo - Summer 2020
  • I Am Dead - 2020
  • BARK - Late 2020
  • Cyanide and Happiness - Freakpocalypse - Summer 2020
  • Summer In Mara - Spring 2020
  • Quantum League - Late 2020
  • The Good Life - 2020
  • The Last Campfire - Summer 2020
  • Pixeljunk Eden 2 - Summer 2020
  • Faeria - March 2020
  • Eldest Souls - Summer 2020
  • Blair Witch - Summer 2020
  • Ghost of a Tale - Spring 2020
  • Sky - Summer 2020
  • Superliminal - Summer 2020
  • Wingspan - Spring 2020
  • Dicey Dungeons - 2020
  • Bounty Battle - Summer 2020
  • Moving Out - April 28

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just days away, but Nintendo hasn't revealed a great deal of what's coming later on in 2020.

While we'll have to wait for a full Nintendo Direct, there's good news – an Indie World presentation is landing TODAY.

Here's all the info we have.

Keep up to date with everything Animal Crossing by watching below!

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Nintendo Indie World March 17

When is it?

This indie-focused presentation kicks off at 5 pm UK time and will include around 20 minutes of information.

Where can I watch it?

The video will be available at Nintendo's YouTube channel. Check it out here.

What should we expect?

Because this is focused on indie titles, don't expect new Smash characters, Breath of the Wild 2, or Metroid's return.

Instead, expect smaller titles that have been hand-picked by Nintendo. We could see more of Axiom Verge 2, for example, or Sports Story, the sequel to Golf Story.

Anything else?

One of the most exciting parts of Indie showcases is that there's often a chance a game or demo will drop on the store on the same day. If you've been waiting for a new game to play to tide you over until Animal Crossing (or another Nintendo Direct), then prepare your payment method of choice just in case something launches.

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